All Class Enrollment is Done Online and Pre-registration is Required.
Minimum Number of Students Required Per Class in Order for Class to be Held.


Students should have solid intermediate to advanced gun-handling skills prior to attending this course. Proof of shooting experience can be one of the following: AGA Intro to Pistol Shooting, NRA Basic Pistol Course Certificate, NRA FIRST Steps Course Certificate, NRA pistol competitive shooting qualification card, military DD 214 with pistol qualification, or passing the Pre-Course Assessment.

This course focuses on development of aggressive gun-handling skills, dim and low light shooting scenarios, complex shooting positions, inhibited reloading and strategic pistol deployment. The concepts of firearm comfort, threat assessment, and monitoring all visual areas will be emphasized throughout the class.

Students will develop reflexive gun-handling skills that will enable them to quickly and efficiently engage threats while performing multiple complex tasks.

We believe it is critical that pistol skills stay sharp. This course provides the advanced training needed to keep the armed private citizen ready to handle the most complex threats under multiple conditions.

This is an 6-hour course. Students should expect to shoot approximately 150 rounds of ammunition.

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  1. Absolutely   NO  live ammunition in the classroom
  2. All firearms are to remain in student vehicles until instructed to bring to shooting activity.
  3. No alcohol or drug use prior to or during entire class time.
  4. No profane language or racial slurs will be tolerated.
  5. Head cover-cap or hat that will cover the head and the area toward the face (such as a baseball cap)
  6. Footwear shall be of a type that the entire foot is covered
  7. Handguns

    a) Revolvers of at least .32 caliber (no push off on single action will be accepted)

    b) Semi-automatics of at least .9mm caliber

    c) All handguns should be in good repair and have no modification(s) that will make the handgun less safe

    d) Make sure you are familiar with your handgun

    e) Make sure you zero your handgun as there is no time allotted in class for this

    f) No laser sights or optics will be allowed on firearms to complete shooting proficiency


    a) SAAMI Specification (See attached list)

    b) A minimum of 150 rounds of ammunition for each sidearm*

  9. No shorts will be allowed on the pistol range for safety purposes
  10. Wear a shirt with a collar to the range

Arlington Gun Academy reserves the right to refuse to teach any student or participant and/or ask them to leave the classroom at anytime due to a violation of these rules.